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I cloned Blogger Yard's Template. Yeah guy's you are reading right that I have cloned Blogger Yard's Template. I know everyone in the Blogosphere want to download Blogger Yard's newest template because it look so cool that will surely liked by many visitors.

It has many features that is uncountable but some are below:
Awesome Menu In The Header
Featured Posts
Grid Posts
Sharing Buttons Below Post Title
Numbered Pagination
Newsletter Widget
3 Column Footer
100% SEO Friendly
and Many More.

Every template need some customization and like rest of the templates this template is also need customization. Follow below steps properly to do proper customization and take your blog to the next level.
Replacing Logo With Your Logo
As usual go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML > Press Ctrl + F and find below url
replace this url with your logo image url.
Customizing Header Menu
Press Ctrl + F and find below code
 <nav id='menu'>
You'll Code like this

How To Make Your Blog Faster and Faster

How to Make Blog Fast. That's Boost Blog Speed with CSS Compressor. But, now I will discuss some problems to make blog faster. Who don't want their blog become light, surely all of bloggers want it because our visitors can browse our blog easier.

Based on my experience, there are some tricks to make blog fast :

Did you know, pictures with large size can make our blog become slower. So, it's better for you to decrease the use large-size picture. Both in template and also posts. You can use Photoshop Save for Web & Device trick.

Over usage widget was one of problems which makes blog become slower. Especially if the widget contains heavy scripts. It's good for you to delete some widgets which unuseful such as clock, music player, pet, games, and so on. Use useful widget such as related posts, most popular articles, or maybe Google Friend

CSS and Javascript
As we knew, CSS and javascipt can make our blog become good looking. But the side effect is it can make our blog become slowly. So you should decrease the usage or compress it for your blog. To compress Javascript, you can use Javascript Compressor.

Montric Magazine Blogger Template (Licensed Version) Without Credit Links

Montric is a magazine blogger template. Perfect for blogs, magazines, Montric is packed with fully functional scripts designed just enough to fit in the overall Blogger Magazine. The template uses flat design and clean cut elements in order to make the items on the web page stand out.

Seo Optimized.
Auto Logo.
Keybord Next/Prev.
Ad Spacesl
Fast Loading.
Clean Coded.

Stay Connected For New Year Gift 10 Amazing Full Version Templates Without Credit Links

Top 20 DoFollow Forums To Increase Backlinks 2015

The best and Ethical way to create high quality Backlinks for your blog consist of the following blogging methods. We could get dofollow backlinks from several different sources to improve our Blog SEO healths. Since every blogger know that how incoming dofollow links are important for any blogs or websites. Since we see that most of the ProBloggers creating dofollow links by doing guest posting most of them used there blog links in shared templates while many of us using forums to create  high-quality backlinks for blog. To get links and juice from High PR forums or blog it is very very important for your blog to get genuine & high quality backlinks.

What  Are Backlinks ?
Top dofollow backlinks forums
Well the question is a-raised by many newbies bloggers. let me explain little. Backlinks are the links that comes from external pages, these links are also called inbound links. These links play an important role in SEO, we could just say they are the soul of a blog or website. The more you have high quality backlink for your blog the more you will get high rank in SERP and have good PR popularity.

Since all the the top most popular search engines have included this additional features in theirs algorithm, to keep an eyes on all high PR blogs and rank them well in search result. So if you have not yet created any quality backlinks then decide yourself and start from today.

Tips To Help In Creating Top Dofollow Backlinks
Use the following methods to build quality inbound links for your blog.
Use  Dofollow Commentluv Blog
Do   Guest Posts On High Pr Blogs:
Use  Dofollow Backlinks forums:

Submit your Blog to Popular Directory:
Top Dofollow Backlinks Forums
So here is the list of all the Top dofollow forums which have high Google Page Rank.Using the below sites it would be definitely increase your blog SEO statistics and ranks well in all major search results.

Do not leave any single forum after getting registration or creating links continuously it will not help but instead of it you will be caught by forum owner. You have to spend some times and working on these sites to create quality inbound links to your sites. So it would required little hard work to stay and active on these sites to have discussions and make relationship with bloggers.

1 V7nForum
2 Siteowners Forum

3 Joomla Forum

4 Search engine watch Forum

5 CNET Forum

6 Mysql Forum

7 Digital point Forum

8 Affiliate Marketing Forum

9 Site Point Forum

10 Warrior forum

11 Capital Forum

12 Deviantart

   Domain Name Forum

13 File Sharing Forum

14 Free Advertising Forum

15 Geek Village Forum

16 HTML Forum

17 MyGame Builder Forum

18 PhpBB Forum

19 Search Engine Roundtable

20 SEO Forum

21 Siteowners Forum

22 Webhosting Forum

How To Stop All Search Engines From Indexing Your Blogger Blog

Some time you might be interested to stop search engine from indexing and crawling your blogger blog and it happens when we are going to introducing or publishing new blogger blog or website. When its need to stop search engine from your blogger blog?. well the question is right. Whenever we start a new blog or website then we always desire to stop all the major search engine from indexing and crawling the blog contents. Blog or website at the developmental stage has a lot of creepy errors and it will surely kill your blog beauty. So i would be always recommended never access your blog or website in search engines when it is on developmental stage.

The reasons is that if someone visits your blog thats will never land again why because of poor designing, contents erros, and many mores. First impression is that last. So first make or give professional design to your blog, website and when it becomes perfect look from every angle then its the time to release it in all search engines.
Google SEO Book

How To Stop Search Engine From Indexing Your Blogger Blog
This is a very simple process. Follow the below given steps

  • Go to blogger dashboard >> Setting:
  • Click on Basic>> Privacy:
  • Click on the No option on both and Then Save see below:

  • Now you have done almost to block the search engine.

Blog Is Ready For Search Engine
Now after some time and doing all the possible customization and SEO optimization Titles, Blog Description, Designing and many mores and Once your site is ready for the release, you can easily follow the above same steps but this time select YES. It will give access to the robots, and they will again start crawling and indexing your site in search engines.

What Is Keyword Density, Proximity and Prominence

Previously we have discussed about Google algorithm updates. But today we will learn something more essential and that is On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO consists of three elements that are Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity and Prominence.
This article will give a very deep information about On-Page SEO and it three elements. All you have to do is to follow every step and lock them in your mind that during writing any post you remember these steps. These three components totally belongs to On-Page optimization, so during writing an article we must take care of these three components.

1. What Is Keyword Density?
The number of exact keyword used in an article is called keyword density. According to SEO experts, keyword density should be used at least 3% in an article, but it will be more better if its ratio is kept up to 2.5% or 2%. For Example: If your article keyword is 'Make Money Online' and your article is based on 550 words than you can use such keyword at least 15 times in your article. 12 times is also good.

2. What Is Keyword Proximity?
The closeness between two or more keywords refers to keyword proximity. Before understanding Keyword Proximity, first give a look to the following keywords.
How To Make Money Online Fast.
How To Make Fast Money Online.
Let suppose, imagine that you have written two separate articles on both above keywords on your blog. And a person comes to Google search engine and type "Make Money Online", so Google will most likely rank the first sentence than the second. This is because the first sentence keywords are placed closer together. While in the second sentence (title) the targeted keywords (Make Fast Money Online) are not much closer. This whole process is called keyword proximity.

3. What Is Keyword Prominence?
The placement of keyword on different places on the web page is called Keyword Prominence. There are many appropriate locations for keyword placement on the page where search engine will find that keyword easily. Mostly many top bloggers place keywords in page url, page title, meta description, heading (H1, H2) and in image ALT attributes. So the more you show your targeted keyword  on best places on your page the more better your 'Keyword Prominence' will be. Be careful about keyword stuffing because it can destroy your blog.

FreeBloggerCafe SEO Friendly Professional Blogger Template

Demo | Download
Free Blogger Cafe is a 2 Column Blogger Template for personal blogs and article publishing websites. This template is a perfect choice for those who want to make a elegant and fresh looking blog.

Features of FreeBloggerCafe Blogger Template:

Featured Slider: Featured content sliders are becoming a basic need of a website. Therefore, we have incorporated a light-weight slider so that it gives an attractive touch to your site without slowing it down.

Featured Posts: We have also connected a featured post gadget which would fetch your posts from a specific label, and will display them on your homepage. However, the latest posts would continue to display beneath them.

Mega Sticky Navigation BarFreeBloggerCafe Blogger Template also has a built-in sticky navbar that floats when you scroll up or down the page. It has a lot of options Like Search pop-out and Social media lazy buttons.

Social Sharing buttons: FreeBloggerCafe Blogger Template is also equipped with social sharing buttons including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumbleupon so that your users can socialize your content with just few clicks.

SEO-Friendly: FreeBloggerCafe Blogger Template is absolutely brilliant for search engines. This theme has the highest search engine optimization score. The speed of this template is 90 out of 100 according to Google Speed insights

Related Posts: FreeBloggerCafe Blogger Template also has a related post gadget which appears just beneath your posts. It displays related posts in systematic order along with their featured thumbnails.

More Features of FreeBloggerCafe Blogger Template: 
Magazine Style, orange color scheme, threaded commenting system, 2 column template, 2 column sidebar and much more.

 Demo | Download